Nice Way to Store Bath Toys

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop

Between outdoor fun and chocolate cake, bath time is more than just an opportunity for your child to splash around; it’s downright necessary. But what fun would a bath be without an assortment of bath toys? Your child goes crazy over those foam letters, bath squirters, and rubber duckies, but what happens when bath time is over and all of the water drains out? You’re left with a big pile of soggy bath toys. Not anymore! With this adorable Frog Pod, your child can scoop up all of their toys while having fun too! Made to be handy as well as conveniently stored, this bath essential allows for easy storage of all of your child’s favorite bath toys as well as shampoos and soaps too! Simply put the wet toys in, hang the Frog Pod on the wall, and keep your child’s toys dry and out of the way until bath time comes around again.

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