Kokoala Coat Extension Accessories

While you are wrapped snug and warm in your new zip-in coat extension, you can enjoy the many accessories available:

The BABYWEARER NECK GAITER – offers warmth and style around your neck and face;
Babywearer Neck Gaiter

BABY HOOD – Gives added protection for baby when zipped in the extension;
Baby Hood

BABY KNEE SOCKS – Keep baby’s legs and feet extra warm while they are zipped in with you;
Baby Knee Socks

REMOVABLE ZIPPERS & REMOVABLE ZIPPERS 34″ – Velcro zipper makes finding attaching the extension a cinch;
Removable Zippers

EXTRA POLAR FLEECE REMOVABLE LINING – Keep yourself and baby extra warm and soft with this fleece lining.
Extra Polar Fleece Removable Lining

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