Nuna Pipa Light & Durable Infant Car Seats

Light & Durable Infant Car Seats

These Nuna Pipa Light & Durable Infant Car Seats, from Nuna, a Dutch company, is among the leightweight, yet durable car seats on the market. Super-easy to install and chock-full of safety features, these Nuna Car Seats feature the “Dream Drape”, which shields baby from harmful sunrays and outside elements. With a True lock installation, these Nuna Car Seats offer the following features; Stability leg, effortless installation, seat belt lock offs, two-point—full cover canopy & eyeshade, 5-point security harness and also equipped with an infant insert; ensuring that even smaller babies, weighing just four pounds, will fit securely in the seat. These Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seats are also ideal for preemies; and will ensure that your little one stays warm in wintertime, cool in summertime.

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