The Ziggy Pop Grobag

Ziggy Pop Grobag

One of the first things you learn, as a new mom or dad, is that your baby shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with loose covers and cumbersome blankets. The Ziggy Pop Grobag is the perfect solution! It allows you to keep your little one warm at night without the need for extra layers. The Ziggy Pop Grobag is available in two forms, 100% cotton and a cotton sleeper filled with polyester. This allows you to better fit your Grobag to your baby’s warmth needs. Whether you live in a chilly climate or you require a lighter sleeper for warmer nights, the Grobag is ideal. Available in three different sizes, the Grobag is available to fit children from newborn to 36 months. And, best of all, it’s machine washable!

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